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Therapist Stefanie Schlief

Hi, my name is Stefanie.

Are you looking for help for yourself or someone you care about?

I have gained specialized training working with PTSD and trauma, substance use, sexual assault or domestic violence, anxiety and depression, issues of identity, psychosis, sexual health, and issues relating to sex and intimacy. My education and hands-on experience allowed me to develop a therapeutic style that is highly relational, client centered, and empowerment focused. I would love to hear from you and how I can help. I am now accepting individual adults, adolescents, and couples as new clients.

Therapist Stefanie Schlief


Stefanie Schlief, MA, AMFT

Registered AMFT #143422
Supervised by Cynthia Hoffman LMFT #40736

In my sessions we build a collaborative relationship where I provide a safe space to help you freely explore all that life presents us with; the challenges and confusion, the successes and joys, love, loss, and everything in between. Sometimes along this journey we need some extra support, or a little compassion to navigate the painful or unexpected. With genuine empathy, evidence-based tools, and a little humor, I seek to provide treatment that encompasses all of these things and reconnect clients with who they are and what they need to be healthy, safe, and happy. I help to break down shame and stigma in order to find empowerment.

I take a trauma informed approach to all issues, and allow the client to set our pace. My work comes from a harm reduction lens where we will work together to set treatment goals, with the understanding that progress and healing is often not linear and as such we will invite any and all of the twists and turns along your journey into our sessions. Non-judgment is centered, and we will be able to have conversations about sex, relationships, drugs, deceit, taboo, and/or those topics that may cause us some discomfort or perhaps curiosity. Therapy can become a place where difficult topics can be explored, or questioned.

I am currently accepting clients across all identities, in both traditional and ethically non-monogamous relationships, who seek support with topics of guilt and shame, attachment issues, love and intimacy concerns, substance use, trauma, and more. I look forward to being of service to my clients and support them as they seek to find their light in the dark.

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What is a Session Like?

In session, I use a variety of modalities to meet patients’ needs. I pull from my knowledge of narrative therapy, CBT and DBT, expressive arts and dance therapy, harm reduction, and sex-positive frameworks for each case. My work is always trauma-informed, and accepting of humans from all walks of life.


$150 for individuals, $200 for couples

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Please feel free to contact me for a free, 20 minute consultation call where we can discuss your needs and get acquainted.

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